Moving home can be a stressful and testing time in your life. Try and make the best of it and do everything on time. Save yourself the pain of having to pack and sort everything the last couple of days by just throwing everything randomly into boxes. So you, when you are going to unpack in your new place, don’t find bathrobes and frying pans in one box and pillows and forks in another. Take your time. Start packing at least seven days before your moving date and before that, sort everything as well as you can. That will make everything run by smoothly and you can pack some things every day, taking time in separating and sort it all. For example, you will want to mark your boxes when you have packed them. For all your bedroom stuff you will need to write “BEDROOM” on the box and maybe smaller specific notes on what is in them, “KITCHEN” for your kitchen supplies and so on. This will make your unpacking go by so much easier and faster. You can put down the items that you were using last (and often the most) in the top of the box, in that way that item will be the first thing that you will probably need and the first thing that you will unpack! Also, do not forget to separate your delicate items such as glass and pottery. To wrap three glasses into the same paper is not a good idea. It will take you more time but save you lots of things by wrapping each glass or cup separately and put them in boxes.

Yes, boxes. You need boxes and you will need a lot of them. The last thing you want is to stuff everything into already filled boxes and put one toy for example that didn’t fit in the children’s box into the bathroom box. Because when you have started to put different things in the wrong boxes you are lost and will stand for hours, rummaging through many boxes in search for that stupid toy. Rather than saving money on buying too few boxes, buy lots and lots of them. The ones that you use you can always reuse again in the future. And the ones you do not use you can often return if you buy them from a removal company or send to recycling if you got them from your grocery store. You will always need more boxes than you think. On the last day I can almost guarantee you that you will fill at least three boxes only with left overs or things that you want to pack in the last minute.

Also see this as a great opportunity to get rid of those things that has been gathering dust over the years and things that you do not use anymore but haven’t had the time or energy to throw or give away. Now is your chance! Gather everything that you don’t want in your new home and give it away to charity or friends, or to recycling.

Unpacking, just as packing, will probably take you a few days so be prepared for that and pack all the things that you needed last before you moved and unpack those things first when you arrive to your new home. And since you marked all the boxes before you closed them, you can now save yourself the time to ramble through them and find unexpected things in the wrong places.

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