An Organized Removal is a Successful Removal

Removals UK CompanyAt Removal Companies we help customers organize UK Removals better than any other removal company. Why go through all the trouble of hiring a removal company that just throws everything in the back of the van, does things out of order and creates more problems than it solves? Well, a lot of people have this unfortunate experience when hiring the competition. That’s because those other Removals UK companies show up, load and transport your belongings without much thought to how to do a proper removal. The second half of the removal actually begins when the moving van arrives at your new home or office. That’s when the unloading and unpacking take place, which can be a huge mess if the first of the removal wasn’t properly organized.

At our company we are big proponents of organization because we have seen the difference it makes in the success of the removal. If you hire a company at the last minute, throw things into boxes helter skelter and rush off to your new place, you will likely have a much harder time unpacking and putting your new life together. You may have trouble finding documents that you need and you will have to spend a lot of time on admin that should have been taken care of ahead of time. Here are some examples of ways that you can organize your removal to make it a success. You can leave the rest up to us!

The first step in organizing a successful home or office removal UK is to make a plan. It’s good to start a couple of months ahead of time, if you know that far in advance about your removal. Start with our helpful checklist and make a list of all the things that you need to do before move out day arrives. By making a comprehensive list, you can start planning when to do each task, so that not everything is left for the last minute. On your list should be things like: change address at the post office, schedule medical appointments, contact banks to change address and transfer funds if necessary, find a new vet for the family pets near the new home, etc. The list should also include sorting and discarding any unwanted items and even scheduling a tabletop sale or a drop-off at a local charity shop. Then you can begin planning when you will have a removal survey done, when you will purchase your moving supplies so that you can start packing and when you will schedule a trip to storage.

You should try to book your removal with us at least a month in advance. But if this is not possible, we can also accommodate last-minute removals, so don’t worry. Consider purchasing extra insurance if you have a valuable collection of crystal or artwork. Now it is time to have us come and do your packing for you. Have each room ready when you have the packers coming in. This will prevent delays and ensure that only the items you need to take will be packed up. Since you had us do an assessment for you, you were able to order and purchase all the packing materials and supplies ahead of time. Not only that, if you ordered them direct from our company, we delivered them to your door. Now that’s organization!

A packing service can be very helpful for busy people, but it can be even better if you have done some organizing ahead of time. Arrange all your items according to what you would like to be transported together. Kids’ items, for example, or bedding can all be packed into a few boxes so you won’t have to track everything down in different boxes in your new home. Even if these items are not in the same place in your current home, you can put them all together before packing commences to save time. The same goes for books. Most people have books in many different rooms in the house. By sorting them and putting them all in once place, you can make sure that no books will be left behind or get tucked into the wrong box.

Removals UK LondonAnother helpful hint when it comes to home and office removals is to keep records for yourself. This will help you with budgeting and by keeping all the removal-related documents together in one folder, you will always know where to look if you need to consult a certain document. You can make a separate folder with ideas for arranging your new home, too. Medical and financial documents should always be kept in a safe place, since you will likely need them when you arrive. While it is possible to do most things online, it is always a good idea to have paper copies for you and your family, in case of an emergency of if something gets lost. It can be very helpful to have your own papery copies of important documents, especially if a dispute arises. These files can all be placed in a plastic filing box that should travel with you in your car instead of on the moving vehicle.

If you will require storage, arrange a unit ahead of time instead of leaving it to the last minute. That way, you will know how to get to the storage unit and will be able to access it when you need it. Many storage facilities offer access during all hours, but not if you don’t yet have a key, of course. Having your unit ready and available can save a lot of time and hassle. If it’s a climate-controlled unit, you can make sure that the temperature is set for when your belongings arrive, instead of waiting around for the place to heat up or cool down. As you can see, there are many ways that organizing your removal can reduce the stress and make everything run smoothly, and Removal Companies is the Removals UK company to hire for an organized removal.

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