Climate Control Storage Could Save Your Things from Significant Damage. But What is it, Exactly?

Climate Control StorageWhen you choose to put your things in a Storage unit you have already taken the first step in protecting them against the elements. You may not thing that there are many elements that can reach your items in your house, attic or basement, but you would be mistaken. Even modern homes are subject to changes in temperature and humidity. Depending on where you live, the air in your home may always be drier than that of someone who lives in a different part of the country. Or more humid, for that matter. But humidity also changes with the seasons and the weather. And there’s little that you can do about the level of humidity in your home, especially if it is an old home that may be drafty. Some of the options you have to dry out the air in your home include turning up the heat or placing a small electric heater in a particularly damp room. If the air is too dry, a humidifier can alter the atmosphere.

But when it comes to storing valuable furniture or antiques or even artwork, the temperature and level of humidity are very important. And you can’t always completely control the air in your home, unless you have installed a very high-tech system designed to do so. If you live in a country, such as Great Britain, that sees a high number of rainy days in a year and is generally a damper climate, you may want to consider not only putting your valuable family heirlooms and other important pieces of furniture into a Storage unit to keep them safe, but to place them into a climate-controlled Storage unit. This type of unit, available from Removal Companies will offer added protection for you valuables and give you the assurance that no weather damage can occur. You want your belongings to remain in the same condition that they were in when you placed them in Storage, especially if they are antiques of value that you intend to sell some day.

When you place boxes into a regular Storage unit, you have give your possessions two layers of protection against the elements, not to mention the security and surveillance of the Storage facility. But Cardboard Boxes can’t do much to protect against damage and rotting which could be a result of high temperature or moisture depending on the climate outside. Important documents are subject to yellowing in a Storage unit just as they are in your attic because paper is simply not a very sturdy material. If you want to store your family archives, for example, including photographs, birth and death records and other important documents, you will want to make sure that they are around for future generations to marvel at as well. In this case, a climate-controlled Storage unit is your best option.

But what does climate control mean? Well, often this means that there is an individual temperature gauge and system in the unit itself so that you control the air temperature inside your Storage unit. Depending on the items and the location of the Storage unit, the climate control system may control the temperature by cooling the air if it gets very hot outside or by heating the air, if where you live is typically cooler. When temperatures outside are very cold, furniture, paintings and even your items in boxes could be subject to warping or cracking. You wouldn’t want to find a buyer for a valuable piece of artwork just to open your Storage unit to find that the piece no long resembles what it once did. That would be quite disappointing indeed.

If your area gets both very warm and very cold during different seasons of the year, humidity control may also be an option for you. That is because humidity can build up within a Storage unit when temperatures change. Think about how your windows are coated with condensation when you have the heat on inside but outside it is cold. The same thing happens in a Storage unit that is not climate-controlled. When heat builds up inside, it will stay inside, so when the weather cools down, it is possible that condensation could build up on the inside of your unit, affecting your belongings.

Self-Storage LondonClimate control in your Storage unit is especially important if you are renting one of the units from our company for a long period of time. If you need a space for just a few days, weeks or months, your things will not be subject to drastic changes in temperature. But if you are moving abroad and storing items that you are not planning to use or access very frequently, the door to you Storage unit will remain shut and very little air will get in or out. That can lead to the humidity as described above or sustained hot or cold temperatures within the unit. Since you are in control of your Storage unit when you rent from us, only you have access to the unit. No one will go near your things. That means that if you know you will be gone for a long period of time, it is best to upgrade your unit to a climate-controlled one in order to have the peace of mind that everything will be as it was when you went off on your adventure

There are many items that people store in the Storage facility of our company. From clothes to books, appliances to artwork, a Storage unit can hold anything that you need space for. Removal Companies recommends that you select a climate-controlled Storage unit if you are storing any of the following items with us: photographs, paper or documents, film, furniture, wood, antique items, musical instruments, wine, plastics, paintings or sculptures, clothing – especially furs and leathers, and electronic equipment. Of course, anything perishable should be placed in climate-controlled Storage unit. Call us today on 020 8746 4340 for a free quote!

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