Removal Companies will Save You Money on Your EU Move, in More Ways Than One

EU Moves CompanyEU Moves can be prohibitively expensive, especially if you want to take most of your belongings with you. There are ways to make your EU removal more affordable, however. Our company has prepared some great hints to make your trip cheaper. But the real deal is the fact that we simply charge less than the competition. So no matter how many money-saving tips you implement, you will always save your hard-earned cash when you hire us for your EU relocation.

Saving you money doesn’t mean that we skimp on the service. On the contrary, we provide some of the best service in the business. Not only can you speak to an actual person when you call us on 020 8746 4340 but we will help you at any stage of your EU removal, so you don’t have to deal with multiple companies during this stressful time. If you hire one company to help with the packing, another for Storage, and a third for the transport and unloading of your items, things could go very wrong if just one of those companies doesn’t fulfill its promises. When you hire our company for you international move, you will deal with just one person who will be in charge of your move. The movers, drivers and extra helpers that may be called in for packing duty are part of one team, a team whose goal it is to help you and your things arrive quickly and safely to your destination. It’s a breath of fresh air to think that you will have less stress and hassle ahead of you than you expected. So call us today on 020 8746 4340 for a FREE QUOTE.

Once you’ve hired us for your EU relocation, you can start planning and organizing the entire process. How will planning cut down on costs? Well, it will prevent you from having to make last-minute decisions (usually more expensive), you won’t have to run to the store for overpriced retail Packing Supplies, and you will have the time to sell any items you won’t need. If you do your EU removal in a hurry, you are bound to be pulling out that credit card more frequently or be charged premiums for services. Start with out helpful checklist of EU Moves steps. Step 1 is, of course, printing out or downloading the checklist.

Assess the items you will bring with you and those that will remain behind. If you are going to put them in Storage, start investigating the type of Storage unit that you will need. Our company can combine your EU relocation with Storage Solutions, so you won’t need to pay for separate moving vehicles or moving crews. We offer all the Storage Solutions you could need – short or long-term rentals, climate-controlled, secure – you name it. Getting the extra items out of the way first, whether they are going to Storage, going to the charity shop or being sold on the Internet will help clear some space up in the house for packing. You may also want to consider asking some friends and family members to hold on to some important items for you. This could reduce the number of items going into Storage and therefore allowing you to let a smaller unit – saving you money.

Order your Packing Supplies and Materials from us and you will save big on Cardboard Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Tape, etc. Plus, we will deliver them to your home and help you pack your items if you like. How can this save you money? Well, it can certainly save you time, which translates into money. If you have to take days off work in order to pack your things, you might regret it when you see your paycheck. You will also get discount prices from us because we cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to you. Moreover, with petrol prices as high as they are, nobody wants to drive all over town or out of town, possibly making multiple trips, to pick up Packing Supplies. The small savings could add up to a significant amount in the end.
Once all your Moving Boxes are packed up, we will help you load them onto the moving vehicle properly so nothing gets damaged during transport. Not only will we save your back (which could be costly if you injure it), but we will save you from having to purchase replacement items for things that could get broken during your EU Move. Other companies might put your boxes onto the truck without considering weight and size, especially if it is a short-haul move. But for longer distances, this is crucial as items may shift while being carried so many miles, despite expert packing.

Express EU MovesAnother way we can save you money when it comes to your international move is to offer partial-load removals. If you are not strapped for time and can live without all your furniture and dishes for a few days when you arrive in your new country, we will combine your move with that of another client who is moving to a nearby destination or one along your route. It is like carpooling, where two people split the cost of fuel on a trip. Not only will your EU relocation cost be reduced, but you won’t have to worry about your things arriving ahead of you as these removals generally take a little but longer.

So as you can see, there are plenty of ways that Removal Companies can save you money, and not all of them are tips that you can implement on your own. It is crucial to hire a Removal Company that has your interests in mind, and we do just that for our customers. It is why so many people relocating in an EU Move choose us as their trusted helping hands for the job. Call us today on 020 8746 4340 to see how we can be your helping hands.

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