Moving house to Brixton in London? Get ready for quite a challenge, considerable expenses and hard work. A house move is one of the biggest events in a person’s life and an unforgettable experience unlike any other. There is a lot of stress which can put you off from the idea of moving at all. However, if the move is unavoidable and you need to start planning the whole process, it’s best to follow some of the best and most professional tips from the very start. One of the biggest factors of every house move is the price. It seems that removal companies make a fortune out of relocations and this is no wonder – more and more people move house every year, the peak season has double fees and the costs of transportation are on the rise. Not only do you need to pay the actual fee, but you can be charged with extra costs, that you haven’t even heard of. The hidden fees of house moves are not something that many people are aware of. However, they add up on the moving day and you end up paying a considerable amount of money. The good news is that some of these hidden costs can be completely avoided, but you need to know how.

One of the most popular “hidden” costs is the fee that you are charged with when there is even a slight delay or an obstacle on your side. If the moving truck and the movers arrive on the moving day and you are not completely ready with the packing, you will be most certainly charged an extra fee. The biggest impediment on the moving day is a full of cars parking lot. This makes it impossible for the moving truck or van to park as close to your home as possible. The longer the distance from the truck’s door to your house’s door the higher the extra fee will be. Make sure there are no obstacles on the way to your house, especially if the movers have to take out the furniture pieces and the major appliances. These are hard to move and heavy – they need special handling and packing and ideally a dolly. A blocked hallway won’t be very convenient. Every obstacle slows down the movers and the whole moving process. It also adds up to the total moving bill. There are other hidden costs which you are probably not expecting: solicitors’ costs, mortgage difference, mortgage set up free cost, long-distance removals costs, flight tickets, accommodation, dining out during the move and many more. All these moving costs show one thing – relocations are expensive and you need to have an adequate budget if you want to manage within a reasonable timeline. The economic climate is rapidly changing and the price of some services can go straight up during the moving process. Make sure that once you start preparing for the house move, you act quickly and make smart decisions.

The hidden costs of house moves seem unavoidable, but it’s best to be aware of them and know what you can be charged for. This way you can negotiate some changes on the written agreement. A house move is an expensive undertaking, but the best moving services are worth the investment – after all it’s all about the safety of your belongings and moving within the desirable deadline.

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