While finding a new place which is perfect for you and your family is very exciting, there is no avoiding the fact that moving house is a nightmare. Having to think about everything at once, and dealing with the thousand things to do can be very stressful at the best of times. We only move once every few years as well, so getting used to the process is not the norm for most people, and we never seem to get very good at it! having a decent guide to help you out with what to do and when to do it can be a great help for Swiss Cottage removals, so here are some great tips to get you moving and make that move less of a terrible nightmare.

Choose your Swiss Cottage removals company wisely, as there are many to pick from and a multitude of errors to make in the decision! The best company for you will accommodate your specific needs, while offering a decent price for their services. Don’t allow them to over supply their work force, as you will likely end up paying for man power that you do not really need. The rule to go by is usually a man to each bedroom, and if you want to, you can save money by having strong family members contribute. One great way to get extra help on the cheap is to enlist the young men in the family who may be looking for a bit of extra cash, those who are students in the family will often be willing to help lift things for money! Otherwise, there is a lot to be said for making a day of it, and have the whole family along to help out, with the promise of a large lunch or enormous family sit down dinner as a reward. Getting the family together in such a way can make the day a lot more enjoyable, rather than the nightmare that they are stumped up to being in your mind beforehand.

Planning your Swiss Cottage move carefully will also help you tenfold in reducing stress on the big day. Making a list of every eventuality will give you perspective as to what might go wrong, and planning out the day of the move will help you meet the target of getting the move done in an efficient time frame. Run your plan by a friend of relative so that they can check for anything that you may have missed out, as often anothers’ eye can be the missing factor in your planning. This way you should avoid any nasty surprises at the last minute on the day of the move. Label every room in the new house with a piece of paper that tells of which room it is. You may think it is obvious which the kitchen is, but you’d be surprised at how willing some removal teams will be to dump the boxes in the first room they come to! label the boxes with the appropriate rooms that they need to be dropped off in, and put a rough inventory on each box, to prevent the need to open each one to find certain things. Make sure that the removal team lay down mats and plastic coverings if you have carpets, as often the floors can get very dirty from boots and shoes while the move is underway, also the use of sack barrows may bring dirt in to the house, and the last thing you want in your new house is extremely dirty floors!

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