Moving offices is a tricky time for any business as it can sometimes mean you have to shut down or miss out on custom as you relocate. Here are some interesting facts about office relocations W5 that may well help you to minimise the stress of your move.

• Planning your layout can save time and money
You can dramatically reduce the time your business is out of action for by planning the layout of your furniture in advance. By getting a scale drawing of your new office you will be able to plan the layout of your new office way in advance of your W5 office move so that you will be able to advise the office removal company W5 you have hired on the day. This will help to minimise the amount of time that your business is out of action as it will allow the removal company to move your office furniture from one premises and put it in the exact, pre-planned layout in your new office.

• Keeping staff informed of the whole process can save time and money
Keeping staff up to date on all the changes can save you a lot of time and money during your move. By making your staff aware of everything that is happening you reduce the amount of time wasted by staffs that are confused or unable to work efficiently within the changes. As well as this your stall will feel more involved in the move as you are keeping them informed and they will in turn be more likely to go out of their way to assist and make sure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. A great way of doing this is to create an online message board on your shared system where staff can post questions and see updates about what is happening within the office through every step of the move.

• Moving I.T. first if often the most effective method
Moving I.T first is generally seen as the most effective method of Ealing office removals. By moving I.T first you are able to get the bare bones of the company up and running straight away allowing the it staff to move straight to the new office space so that they can make sure the company continues to function as smoothly as possible. As well as this moving I.T first will allow you to work out any day to day operating issues you might have straight away such as location of plug sockets etc., before the rest of the staff and other departments move in to the new office space.

• Having Skeleton staff can Keep you operational throughout your move
Implementing a skeleton framework can often mean that you do not need to close the business down entirely whilst you move offices. This can be done in numerous ways but it is often done by allowing staff to work from home and giving them cloud access to any systems and software they may need. By re-directing calls to mobile numbers for a short period of time you will be able to make sure that your skeleton staff will be able to answer any calls for the business whilst it is being relocated. As well as implementing a skeleton system some business find that it if beneficial to inform customers of the move so that they are aware of the changes and will be more prepared for the negative effects of the move, This way customers will be more understanding if any services or correspondence takes longer during the moving period.

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