Everyone wants to move house stress-free. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Unless you have clear guidance, you’re likely to find yourself going around in circles trying to move out. For quick, pain-free moving, take on board these handy tricks of the trade.

It’s simple, pay someone else to pack! A removal company will pack for you, and do a much better, cleaner job than you would. It may cost extra but they will pack and unpack for you thus making life a hell of a lot easier for you especially what with moving being somewhat stressful. You’ll have enough paperwork and forms to sign without having to worry about what boxes to pack, where to put them and how to label them. Pay the experts and enjoy the outcome.

The last thing your hired removal company will want is for you to be fiddling about packing up and folding furniture on the day you move. Dismantle furniture well in advance to avoid any frustrations and keep faces smiling. Enquire about any handy tips for easy dismantle and ask the experts for their best advice in what to take apart first. Rushing this can only result in your forgetting certain tings and using up more space and time than required. Plan in advance to avoid this.

Access to where you live must to be clear and spacious. Make sure you have reserved somewhere for the van or lorry to park up and load up. No space means no move so again, plan in advance to avoid any shocks on the day. If you currently live on narrow street with a lot of cars parked down it you’ll need to think and plan where your courier can park. And then reserve this space with cones and through discussion with locals and neighbours. If you’re planning on moving at the weekend, which of course most people do, remember that Saturday mornings will be busy, especially if you live near a high street, pub or train station for example. Perhaps taking one day off work during the week for the move will be easier. It’s only one day after all.

If you’ve got children or pets to think about, ask very kindly a close friend or family member to mind them on the day, especially at a weekend. But hopefully on a weekday, children will be out of sight and out of mind. The last thing you’ll want is distractions from people and animals getting in the way. Also, asking someone to round up all the keys to your old home from friends, neighbours and relatives and create a collection. Also don’t forget to get any locks changed. Arrange a security assessment for peace at mind too.

Choose and date and time that will suit you the best. It’s no good planning on a busy lunchtime, get it done and out of the way early and only choose a realistic date. If you’re not packed up and ready, you won’t be prepared to move. Avoid unnecessary hiccups such as these through careful thought and planning.


1) Removal company booked?
2) Date and time agreed?
3) Boxes and bags packed-up and labelled?
4) Space reserved for parking?
5) Keys, paperwork and contracts signed, handed-in and completed?
6) Neighbours informed?
7) Children and pets supervision confirmed?
8) Furniture dismantled?
9) Essentials packed and prioritised?
10) New house ready for arrival and removal?

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