If you’re facing a local or interstate removal, there is a lot to prepare and pay for. There are many options and services removal companies offer these days, but the basics of a furniture removal are the same: packing, loading a moving truck, transportation, unloading and unpacking at the new location. Each of these services combined make up for quite a big budget though. Not many families can afford a full house removal in the current financial situation. If you want to do a house removal at a lower budget, there are a few things you should know before you start.
Moving is a big challenge – a small or a big move, local, interstate or international, it is still a move and as such you need to be ready for the ups and downs of it. A key factor for a successful move is being organized and knowing what has to be done next. Here are some essential tips for doing a removal without hurting your wallet.

Start As Early As Possible
The well-known cliche that “time is money” is indeed true. Starting your preparation and packing early will save you money. Determine how much your budget is and distribute it for the necessary tasks: buying packing material, tips for the movers, babysitter, fuel for the trip, etc. If you have to stay in a hotel during the trip, book the rooms earlier to find a good deal. Think about whether you will take your own food or you have to book bed and breakfast. Don’t forget that every house removal often comes with a few additional expenses: repairs in the house, pet care, cost for storage, money for tips, etc.

Hire or Not
This is one of the biggest dilemmas during every furniture removal – whether you need professional removalists or you can manage on your own. A good idea is to at least hire the truck and the driver so you don’t have to deal with the transportation on your own. On the other hand, you don’t need a team of experts to pack each and every household item. You can pack your belongings and leave the boxes open so the movers can inspect them before they load them inside the moving truck. If you can get help you can even pack some of the bigger furniture. It’s best to disassemble certain pieces if possible: tables, chests, wardrobes, sofas. This will not only save space but it will be easier to pack and carry them. If you manage to find inexpensive removalists, always make sure you check their references and licenses before hiring them.

The Packing
To stay on a budget, try getting moving boxes from local department stores, supermarkets and pharmacies. Since the moving boxes are the biggest and most expensive part of the packing material, it’s great if you manage to get some for free. Buy packing materials online in bundles and you can even get a discount. Ask friends and family for help during the packing and unpacking. This is a great way to save money, but be prepared to do them a similar favor in the future too. To avoid paying for too much bubble wrap, pack fragile items in linen and blankets. Use plain paper for cushioning and wrapping and bags full of newspaper for extra padding.

With enough creativity and thoughtful preparation you will be able to save lots of money and still have a successful furniture removal. Utilize the above-mentioned tips and you will make your removal a pleasant and efficient one.

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