The United Kingdom is all about royal and noble persons. It has long traditions and it is respecting and giving special honor to the members of the monarch family and its ceremonial. London is the center of all these as for long time it is the home of the Buckingham Palace. It is even situated in some kind of city in the city, which is called City of Westminster. Situated on the one side of the river Thames it is with no doubt one of the biggest attractions of the capital of the Kingdom.

It is part of one of the districts of London, to which people usually refer as the royal district. This is the famous Kensington and Chelsea Borough and it is the most prestigious part of the city to live in.

The district is not only the Buckingham Palace, it is the part with very interesting cultural and musical life and has very charming parks and gardens to be seen. If you move to live in the neighborhood, you will not only enjoy the luxurious and stylish buildings with nice apartments, you will also be able to enjoy and walk in some of the parks, that are situated on the territory of the district. There is no chance you have not heard of at least some of them. They are Hyde Park, Green Park and Kensington Gardens. It is very important in such big cities, that are always covered with thick layer of smog and are very dirty all the time to be close to green places like there and to be able to approach to the nature when it is possible.

As we consider the fact that you will not be wandering around the parks, cinemas and museums all the time, there are other advantages of the borough that have to be presented. You already have been told several times, that you have made great choice choosing to live just in this district. However if you are bringing your family with you, there are many more decisions to take as you are slowly building a life in the area.

Schools and colleges for your children is something from which you will find plenty in the district. Since the British education is known to be one of the best offered in the world, you have to leave any worries and slowly choose the schools which will best fir your needs and expectations.

The infrastructure and the system of transportation as it can be expected is on very high level and the options are numerous. In this are you will have access to all kind of transport, including underground tube, buses, taxis and bicycle riding if you like.

Of course like any other thing in life living in the Royal Borough has its price. This is the tricky part of the living in the best part of the city, but of course it is not something a person will not expect. On the other hand it is also very hard to find free properties as well. And if you are lucky enough you will find one but this will cost you a fortune. However if you have very good real estate agent and enough patience you will finally find something on reasonable price.

The process of relocation will be very easy, because whichever moving company you will choose, they will surely work in this part of the city. And you will have plenty of choice. Most of all you will be close to any services and companies that will offer additional help after the moving and unpacking is over.

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