There are three main ways of getting your items transported from A to B and these are, hiring a van yourself, hiring a man and van service and hiring a removals company. Each option has its own merits and its own downfalls and each suit a specific budget and requirement better and the other. To make the choice easier for you detailed below is each option, with an explanation of how and why you should choose this option.

-Hiring a van
Hiring a van can be a cost effective option to your removal needs. For one lump sum you can hire a van for a specific amount of days meaning you can do as many trips back and forth as you need to. However, when hiring a van you have to make sure you don’t get sucked in to any scams. When you put the deposit down for the vehicle make sure they log any damage to the vehicle. This way you cannot be charged for any existing damage to the vehicle and should get your deposit back in one piece. Hiring a van and doing your removals yourself is hard work. This is only a good option if you have a small amount of items to transport or if you have a lot of help from friends and family.

-Man and Van Dulwich services
Using a man and van service is perfect if you have a small amount of items to be moves, but don’t want the responsibility of loading and transporting your items yourself. A man and van service is not a specialised removals service as they offer transportation of anything to anyone. Due to this you must make sure your items are wrapped and boxes efficiently so that they are easy to lift and protected against damage during the Dulwich move. Your man will only transport your items so do not expect them to help you box up and label your belongings. Like all services, you are trusting the person you hire with your possessions so make sure you enlist the services of a responsible and professional service. Make sure you have more than just a mobile number to contact your Man and van service on. As for recommendations from friends and family who have used local man and van services so that you don’t end up choosing someone who’s going to disappear off with your possessions, never to be seen again. Man and van services are also only really beneficial if you are moving a short distance as numerous trips back and forth may end up being a costly option for you.

- Dulwich Removal Company
A removal company Dulwich is often the most popular choice for people relocating to a new home. Though the most expensive option it is the most valid option if you are traveling far, with a lot of items or a lot of bulky and fragile things. This is because removal companies are trained in boxing, loading and protecting your items during transit and offer larger vehicles than van man services can. This means you can hire a truck large enough to take all of your items at once which is especially beneficial for people moving further afield as it reduces the need to do more than one trip. Removal companies also offer removals to Europe so this is the best option for you if you are relocating abroad.

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