It may seem like an obvious statement, but where do you go to look for removal boxes? Whilst in the process of moving out, try these places and ideas to equip yourself with all the boxes you could need:

Friends and family
An obvious and economic option is to ask friends and family if they have any boxes you could use, if they’ve not already inundated you with cardboard once they found out the news. Be sure to pass the message on to everyone, as you never know what people might have in garages and attics. Even just one or two great boxes can make the difference between a well organised move, and a last minute panic.

Local stores
Ask at all your local stores if they have any boxes you can take, and if they’re willing to help you out, ask when the best time to return is to take more boxes off their hands. Smaller, local stores may be more willing and able to assist, and if you show up on delivery day, you’ll have rich-pickings of the perfect removal boxes ready to go.

Supermarkets are bound to have a huge catalogue of boxes in every size and shape; however, complex laws and protocols may prevent the managers from actually handing them over. Despite this, it’s worth asking in any supermarkets you may be in, as any boxes you do manage to get will be industrial standard, making them the best removal boxes available.

Storage centres
Storage centres offer a wealth of removal items to pack, stow and store all your household bits and pieces. Larger centres will have plenty of boxes, signs, stickers and equipment to assist you in moving home, but at somewhat of a cost. These things aren’t cheap, but they’re the perfect option if you want peace of mind when packing and moving valuables. They’re often flat pack, and are made of very strong card, meaning they’re often reusable. Think about purchasing removal boxes from a storage centre if you need one or two super safe boxes and won’t be able to keep an eye on them in transit, i.e., they’ll be transported via a removal van.

Post an ad
If you’re still struggling to find suitable boxes, post an ad. You could post it in your local community centre, or on a notice board in the supermarket, and you might just be surprised at who has a wealth of boxes to give away. You could even try posting it online, there are plenty of free community websites and portals perfect for posting requests such as this. Be as friendly as possible in the ad, and use a title to get some attention, give as much detail as possible without giving away any personal information, and, even if you get no response, this attempt at bagging yourself some removal boxes didn’t cost you a thing.

Have you been up into your attic recently? You might just be surprised at what is actually up there. Before becoming exasperated with packing, moving house is the perfect opportunity to downsize, free up some space and have a good old clear out. With that, you might find a few more removal boxes than you realised you had! Old computer boxes may be filled with spare parts and wires that are no use to anyone, and the washing machine box may have been sat in the garage filled with bits and pieces no one actually wants. Once you’ve cleared out all your storage space, and are only moving with the items everyone wants, needs and likes, you may just find yourself with a few extra empty boxes and you’ll probably now need a lot less.

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