So you’ve moved to the London area of Queens Park and you are ready to settle down in your new home? You should really congratulate yourself on managing with the relocation. It’s not easy to shift your entire household from one place to another, especially when there are so many factors you need to consider – children, work, school, budget, time, etc. However, don’t sit down and relax just yet. The hardest part of the moving process is not the packing and loading of the moving truck, despite your perception. In fact, the toughest challenge begins after you’ve moved house and you find yourself surrounded by dozens of various sized cardboard moving boxes, wrapped furniture pieces, disassembled beds, no food, disconnected electric appliances and your family waiting for the house to start looking like a home.

It can be rather intimidating seeing everything you need to take care of immediately after the move. One of the things to understand is that this process of unpacking and settling down shouldn’t be a rushed one. You are creating your new home, so you need to take the adequate time to do that. The first thing to do is get some sleep so you actually have the energy to do anything. But how do you do that when all the beds are disassembled and wrapped in stretch paper? The best way to proceed is by setting up one room which will be clear of boxes and where the whole family can sit and relax. Whether this would be the living room or one of the bedrooms, it is up to you. The essential areas at home to unpack first are of course the bathroom and the kitchen. You don’t have to unpack each and every piece, but once the furniture is placed, start unpacking the cutlery and the appliances. Having a kitchen ready to be used will make things a bit easier for everyone.

The same applies for the shower – everyone would love to have a refreshing shower after the long journey, so make sure that is possible. And of course your children will need a good night’s sleep after the relocation. Don’t make them unpack if they are too tired though. Start by unpacking the essential items and the things you will need soon. Don’t set the TV the first evening at the new house or you risk your family not helping at all. If you need to check your email or contact your relatives or the moving company, use your phone, don’t rush to switch on the computer. It’s best to start cleaning after all the furniture pieces have been positioned at their right place.

If you have to start work straight after the relocation, make sure you spend at least an hour or two every evening to unpack the boxes and arrange your belongings. It’s not much but it’s enough to keep the process going at a good speed and yet not get too tired after the long working day. Remember to try new things and not just copy your old home’s arrangement and home design. Use your creativity and imagination and you will create a beautiful home for you and your family – new, cozy, exceptional and unique. You will love London and all the things it has to offer you.

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