When looking for NW10 Storage solutions you will find that there are many different options out there for you. They all have their benefits and then downfalls so here are the top three types of NW10 storage solutions explained so that you can choose the type of storage that is best for you.

1. Private
NW10 private storage refers to any storage space you rent personally from a friend or individual person. These kinds of storages spaces are often garages and private lock ups that the individual owns and rents out on their own accord. You can often find these types of storage spaces advertised on the internet or in local newspapers. These types of storage options are perfect for anyone that needs to store low value items locally as it is often possible to find private storage closer to home than storage complexes run by companies. However, due to the private unregulated nature of this type of storage it is important that you visit the storage space before you commit to renting it so that you can assess the security of the space. As it is a private rent there is no guarantee on the security of the unit so if this is something you are worried about you may be better of choosing another option.

2. Self-Storage
If security is something you are concerned about then NW10 self-storage may be the best option for you. As you are hiring the service of a company you can be sure that there will be more security in place in self-storage than in private storage. You will find that self-storage companies can offer storage units to suit the smallest or the largest load as well as offering hire from one month to tens of years. However, when looking at this option it is best to consider how much access you will need to your belongings whilst they are in storage. Most companies offer access to your unit during usual working hours where as some will offer extended hours or even 24hour services. This is something that is important to consider when choosing the right company for you as you may find you are paying for 24hour access that you don’t need. If this is the case then it is best to look for a company that offers the right level of access for you to avoid paying too much for your storage.

3. Removal Company
Many NW10 removal companies will also offer to store your items for you at an extra cost. This is beneficial for many as they will pack up, transport and store your items for you until you need them to transport and unload them at your new address. This means that you will only have to hire one company to cover both the removal and the storage of your items. However, this is often only an option chosen by those who need their items storing temporarily between vacating on property and moving in to their next. This is because this option often leaves you with very little access to your items as the removal company will store it all in their own private storage facility. Due to this it is important you consider how much access you will need to your items and how long you need them storing for before you choose this storage method.

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