Almost everyone should consider moving to a new home at a certain stage of his/her life. Sometimes it happens accidentally, like moving from one apartment to another, but in other cases, relocation is planned and desired. Although you do not like planning, you should at least put a minimal effort to arrange the whole process.

Planning is Easy
Planning – it is better to rely on a reputable company for the move and to arrange all the details in advance in order to make sure that everything will go according to plan. There are periods, especially in the summer, when these firms are busy and unable to respond to all enquiries immediately. If you want to work with one particular company, you should contact it as soon as the decision for a removal is made. If you hesitate which company to choose, look for some additional information or ask for recommendations from neighbours and friends who have recently moved. Contact several of the selected companies and choose the appropriate for you.

Characteristics of Packing
Make a list of things you are going to take with you. It is good to consider giving or selling things that you have not used for a long time because, otherwise, you have to store them again in your new home. Put labels on each of the boxes with a brief description of their content and record everything in your own inventory list. That way, you will deal with unpacking faster. It is important to start packing things in advance and not leave it for the actual moving day. Use boxes with solid bottoms and secure fragile items with bubble wrap, old clothes or paper.

When the Day Comes
Think of an appropriate parking space for the truck of the moving company. Many of you live in big cities with busy traffic, and you often have troubles finding where to park your car. If that’s exactly your case, think about it in advance. Most transport companies take no responsibility for valuables – such as jewelry or documents, so you have to pack and transport these items yourself. Think about storage, security and а way of transporting (probably in the car with you). Read all the clauses of your contract with the moving company – it verifies what the company can carry and what it cannot; that will help you organize the process really well.

Do Not Forget the Essentials
Choose proper clothes. Clothing for the day of transfer should be comfortable because you’ll be in a hurry all the time. Preferably, wear clothes that are older or worn because you can stain or even tear them.

Do not forget the food. You’d better prepare a take away box with some food because you will not have the opportunity to cook or shop the very first day after the removal. Along with all these problems with the move, you can easily forget about the specific needs of your pet. If the animal will travel with you in the car for a long time, make sure you have prepared enough food, water and medicines in a separate bag. So, relax and enjoy the fresh start that awaits you in your new home!

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