Finding the right type of storage facility is very important. Not only do you want to ensure your items are stored securely but you also need to have the peace of mind that they are being stored in the correct manner. You will also want to find somewhere that you can travel too easily and can access whenever you want. There are many types of storage facilities available and what you are looking to be stored will determine which storage company you choose to use, whether this is in the TW9 area or further afield.

People use storage facilities when they are looking for somewhere to house furniture in between house moves, it may be they have sold up and the buyer is moving in before they have found a new house, or their moving in date is further out. Or it could be that they have had to re-locate for work, or downsize to a smaller property, whatever the reason, when you are looking for storage you will need to ensure that the unit is completely water tight and is big enough to house everything you intend to put in there now and in the future. These units are typically outside and are containers which are available in various sizes. These types of unites are often used as small offices and places as the rent on this is much cheaper than renting a building, furthermore, you won’t be tied in to a long term lease.

You may also use storage facilities for seasonal items that you don’t have the space at home to store or don’t want them to take up the available space as they are not used all year round. This could be Christmas decorations, bicycles or garden furniture. The size of this storage space would not need to be as big as that required to keep a house full of belongings, but it would need to be adequate enough for patio furniture and a Christmas tree.

There is also storage that is climate controlled. This type of facility is found within a building and not outside in a unit. They tend to be over a few levels and you can use an elevator or stairs to get to your unit. They can be used to house important documents, paintings, etc. those types of items that can be damaged by a change in temperature or humidity. If you have specific, special items of clothing then this type of storage unit would also suit.

The types of articles that can be stored in storage facilities are endless. If you are an individual you may want to clear some space in your home or perhaps one of your children is grown up and you are emptying out their old bedroom but don’t want to throw anything out yet. You may not have a garage and want somewhere to put your motorbike over the winter, or the children’s bikes and go-karts. If you are a business you may want somewhere to store excess merchandise, company documents or have it as a workshop.

Regardless of the type of storage it is vital that the main entry to the location is secured. That way you can sleep easy knowing that your belongings are safe and secure. These days the traditional padlock and chain has been replaced with a coded key pad and CCTV, just don’t forget the code or you won’t get in!

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