Home removals are a common in the lives of people, at some point or another people will eventually move from one place to another. This is just a prerequisite of life. With something that happens so frequently, also comes common injuries associated with carrying out a home move and these include various small injuries and even life altering injuries, if the proper safety techniques are not implemented. Even though it may seem a small task it does have its effects on the human body, being prepared to make a safe removal is vitally important.

Some of the common injuries associated with moving home are injuries related directly to muscles. Pulling a muscle from not lifting properly is quite common and in extreme cases people sometimes tear ligaments, which is an injury that takes a while to heal and can be pretty costly as well. These two injuries are the result of improper lifting stances or from a person trying to lift more than they can handle alone, this will also leads to back injuries and often does. If a box is packed so much that two people are needed to lift it and carry it safely, then always get a second person.

A proper lifting technique is to squat down and lift with the knees, remembering to keep the back straight, so that the weight is distributed evenly to the legs. Improper lifting is what causes the most injuries. Arranging to have the right amount of manpower is very important, so that injuries from lifting do not occur. Ask some friends to help out or hire a Man and Van service to help with the loading, packing and hauling. A Man and Van service is perfect for a small move and can give a person an extra hand with the job.

In extreme cases there are accidents that can occur that can result in death, such as having an appliance tumble down the stairs onto someone and this can easily be avoided. To keep these types of accidents from occurring it is important to have the right equipment, such as a dolly and straps to secure the load on the dolly. When using a dolly the load must always be strapped securely, this way the weight is held in one place and the load is easier to control. When going up or down a flight of stairs it is very important that no one is in front of the load, ever. Even with the load being properly secured and loaded on a dolly the dolly can still slip from the grip of whoever is pulling or pushing it down the staircase.

These couple of tips will help to avoid injury when carrying out a home or office removal and they should always be remembered and implemented to keep everyone involved safe during the move. There are plenty of other safety tips to follow like never packing chemicals in boxes, especially if they are under pressure. It is a good idea to search online or consult a moving company to learn some more about safe moving practices.

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