“How can hiring a Finchley removal van end up saving me money on my move?” On the face of it, hiring a removal van for your Finchley home move can seem like another expense on top of your already hectic time financially. When looking to balance estate agents fees, legal fees and the deposit of your house, you might even say that any help in the removal process is something you can go without. However, attempting a do it yourself removal is an ambitious and often costly endeavour. Whilst we agree that hiring a full blown removal company isn’t for everybody, striking a balance by hiring a removal van for your own purposes can not only ease the stress and provide many benefits that a removal company would, but it can also make financial sense. Below is a few ways you could well be saving money by hiring a removal van.

Firstly, and this is hardly groundbreaking, but a van is going to be bigger than your average car. This means that whilst you pay a small upfront fee for the van hire, by reducing the number of journeys you take you may well be saving a significant amount of money on petrol. This only increases the further you are moving away from your current home, and with most vans being petrol and vans being diesel, the chances are you are using a more efficient fuel anyway.

The fuel cost isn’t the only way fewer journeys will be able to save you money on your moving day. By making fewer journeys, you will in turn be able to focus more on the actual unpacking process. This could be the difference between you being able to get out some kitchen utensils to make dinner, or just simply mean you don’t feel too stressed and warn out to cook and then order a take away. It could also mean that you are ready to live in your house from the first night and thus save money on a potential hotel or B&B. These things can help mitigate the cost of your Finchley home removal.

Removal van hire also helps to protect your possessions during transit. The flat bed of the back of the van helps to make sure that you can safely and securely pack any belongings into the van, whereas balancing fragile or large items on your back seats could result in damage to your items, or movement during the journey. If you end up breaking or damaging something of value, it is likely this will cost a lot more than a van hire to repair, so in this case you are not only paying for a van, but for a certain insurance on your items too.

Also, it is important to recognise how much money is saved by hiring a van compared to hiring moving professionals alongside the vehicle. Removal vans can be available for much less than is usually expected if being used just for one day (which is entirely plausible for most normal sized properties, but especially smaller city houses) and this can make them a financially viable option for those that are on a tight budget.

In conclusion, hiring a removal van makes financial sense in a number of ways. Firstly, at face value they save a lot of money compared to other N3 removal hire options but are also financially sensible due to the insurance and efficiency they offer when compared with trying to move home alone.

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