Getting rid of items that you know you don’t need can be harder than you would expect. As humans we seem to develop a desire to keep even silly things that we know are just clutter in our lives. Perhaps it is the fact that we parted with money for such things at one point in the past, or perhaps it is the idea that it may become extremely useful in the future that make us less than keen to get rid of these things, but get rid we must, and only then can you think about perfect storage space in Roehampton.

When you are about to move, the pains of getting everything packed up are often enough to encourage you in to selling off everything that you want rid of. Organizing a jumble sale can be one way of doing things, that will mean that you won’t have to travel far in order to get rid of your items, but in doing so, you will likely reduce your customer base; the amount of people who know that you are having the sale is likely based on your friends, word of mouth, and those who simply walk past your house! A better option is to put your most valuable items on specialist websites, so that they find the right buyer for the right price. Be aware that you will have to spend a little time gathering decent information about your items, and putting together descriptions and photographs to get the best price. Take your less expensive and important items to a car boot sale, where there will be hundreds of potential buyers. Marking down your prices a little should ensure that you get rid of everything in good time, just do not be tempted to look around the sale yourself, or you may come back with more than you wanted!

If you fail to get rid of some of your items, and are running out of time before the move, then look in to donating things to charity shops, or recycling companies. Certain charities can make money from selling on your unwanted clothes, books, music and games, and you will be contributing to a good cause while also getting rid of your unwanted things. Recycling companies will often pick up your items for free in order to sell them on themselves, and are therefore perfect for if you just need to get rid of everything as quickly and easily as possible.

When you have got rid of everything that you have decided you don’t need, you can start to consider storage options. Our tips for getting the most from your storage cover three different questions; where, how, and who?

Where, is obviously location. City storage will naturally be more expensive than units in the countryside, due to higher real estate rates. Giving some thought as to where your storage is can be the difference between spending a lot, and getting a good deal. Make sure that the amount that you have to travel is not extensive enough to make the saving redundant, however, you don’t want to spend all of your time in the car!

How you store certain items can affect them drastically. Precious goods should be kept in secure, dry places, while less delicate or expensive items will be fine in more rough and ready conditions.

Who you use can be very important as well, do you go with the cheap private landlord who has a lock up on a farm, or the more expensive multi-national company who have secure units across the country? Only you will know!

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