Finally, it’s time to move out. All the forms have been signed and you’re looking forward to moving into your new house. The last (and worst) job has been left-packing all your belongings to take with you. How to pack them though? Strategy and logic is a key thing when you’re trying to organise yourself easier for the other end. Where to start? We shall soon find out.

SE22 is not home to many removal companies so you may choose to survive on your own terms here, or you may just feel more comfortable transporting most of your furniture to your new home yourself. There are the small things, large things, and everything in between things. Let’s start with the large.

Beds. Tables. Chairs. Wardrobes. Essentials that must be transported and placed in your home as the foundations of furniture. The easiest way to transport these is to find a driver with a company or be the driver and hire a large removal van. This would allow you to be more flexible as to where you want your things in the van and also, how long it will take you to unpack them at the other end. If you go with a removal company they may rush you and you could find yourself paying more than you would ideally like too. You should also make sure they have a good rating as you don’t want your furniture to be damaged in any way when you arrive at your new destination. Depending on the middle sized items, you could pop some of these in the removal van. If you wanted, boxes of small, heavy, unbreakable items (such as books) could also go in the van. This would save space in your car for when you transport smaller, more breakable items.

When we come to the smaller items, most of these will probably be ornaments, crockery, cutlery, photo frames and other such things. For these you will need A LOT of bubble wrap. Purchase some beforehand or try and save some from previous occasions. Boxes are also another key thing. Some supermarkets, warehouses and shops keep cardboard boxes ready to be recycled however a quick trip there could land you with some free cardboard boxes, and if there are none, you could request that they save you some boxes to be picked up on a certain date. Friends and family members may have some stored away in an attic somewhere, or they could share some with you from a previous move of their own-it works out much cheaper to share resources between the people you know.

When packing up, there are two ways to do it. Randomly or strategised. Having a strategy and plan makes it so much easier when it comes to unpacking the other end. Many people organise their belongings by room. You could organise by wardrobe, cabinet or cupboard-however you would like to do so.

One last thing to remember is to try and eat as much food from the fridge and freezer as possible. This may not survive the move, so canned food and food that will keep would be much more beneficial. Alternatively, there may be a company nearby that specialises in transporting frozen and chilled food specifically for people that are moving house.

Now you’re ready to move. Just remember the key things that are needed: bubble wrap, boxes, a van (if you are doing it without the aid of a company) or, if you prefer, the number of a good removal company and then you’re ready to inhabit your new property.

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