When preparing for a move, a question often posed is whether to try and move all of your belongings yourself, or call in for expert help. Hiring help can lift the load off your shoulders and pretty much solve all your ‘how to’ questions and problems. Hiring help means they will do the hard work for you. However, is it not just easier to try and do it all yourself? Like most questions, both sides of this argument have a for and against explanation, it’s whichever you decide to go for that matters but make sure you take into consideration the pros and cons for both before making a final decision.


What better than paying someone to do all those tricky chores for you? Hiring help not only means they will a take on the ultimate task of moving all your stuff but they will do the harder bits that you’ve been avoiding since making your final move decision. Hiring help means experts will help you move and pretty much do everything. There are so many options available too that you needn’t rush into choosing a company straight away. Shopping around for quotes will save you money, and going by recommendations and word of mouth will ensure you’re getting the best from your money, no matter your budget. Bringing in an extra pair of hands to do the hard labour work for you can bring you excellent results. Many people who have hired help have been overwhelmed with the results and would without a doubt, highly recommended to a friend. However difficult the job in hand, good quality hired help such as a ‘man with a van’ will often take any task into their stride and just get on with it. Therefore making every penny worth it and your moving-in day an overall success. Plus remember these are professionals. Unless you follow health and safety regulations, you may end up injuring yourself, so it can be better to hire help to make your life easier, ensuring a pain-free move.


Why not go DIY? Money, money, money. Hiring help can cost a lot rather than getting on with it and doing it yourself. If you think you have the storage, space and transportation to conduct your own move, then by all means, go for it, especially if you’re moving from say, a flat to another flat and don’t have too much or a heavy load. If you hire people to help you pack-up, you’ll need help with moving, lifting and carrying your belongings too. This can be perhaps cheaper with the same company, but you’ll still find yourself over-spending to make your life easier and moving stress-free. Quotes for removals don’t come cheap, unless you decide to go with a cheaper, yet poorer quality company. The trick is, if you’re willing to pay for hired help, make sure you’re spending your money wisely and you bear in mind that we will always get what we pay for, so try not to expect more or less. Perhaps from past experience, hiring help hasn’t always worked out for you. But again, without researching, you won’t know what you’re letting yourself in for. You might find a company, spend a small fortune and live with disappointment that they didn’t do the full job or do it properly. The risk is yours when it comes to moving, but we recommend shopping around, gathering quotes and talking to friends and family who can advise you on what they think is best for you. So whether you decide for or against, consider both the cons and pros to ensure the right decision is best suited to you and your personal circumstances.

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