Many households contain pets. As the years have gone by, we have fallen in love with animals more and more. Furthermore, we are no longer bound by the choice between cats, dogs and fish. The options now are endless. We can choose to keep lizards and snakes which no one ever thought would be possible. Over many centuries, people have been trying to develop the best method to remove vermin, yet now we have the option to keep these very same rats as pets!

If you own pets, there is no doubt that you have a great deal of affection for them. This is exactly why you would want to take them with you if you were moving.

Pets are in many cases like children. They require a lot of attention and some may even make your removal day a little more hellish than expected.
Pets such as fish, hamsters, rabbits or anything kept in a cage are not much of a problem. On the removal day, simply make sure that you have filled any food and water containers. You’re going to be very busy rushing last minute things, waiting for the removers, loading vans or trucks etc. so the last thing you should have to worry about is feeding your pet.

Dogs and Cats are a little more difficult to handle. Dogs are well known for their noses, and on your removal day, your dog’s nose will be everywhere. Trying to carry boxes out of the house in order to load the van is going to be very difficult with your dog at your feet. So how does one go about that?

The first option is to leave your dog with a friend, neighbour or family member who your dog is familiar with. If you often take your dogs on play dates with other dogs, perhaps leaving your dog with that particular family for the few removal hours is going to allow you to get the job done quicker, and will also make your dog a little less anxious.

If you have nowhere to leave the dog, you’re going to have to take matters into your own hands. Keep your pets in a room/garden until you have loaded the truck and are ready to go. This will keep them out of your way, but will also ensure health and safety. Make sure to keep food and water bowls nearby and kitty litters where necessary. Also ensure that you have some favourite toys to play with – do not pack all of your pet toys. Keeping a favourite blanket or cushion is also a good idea.

Animals such as dogs and cats are very childlike, especially when it comes to moving. They do not like change, and moving into a new house is going to make them very anxious indeed. Therefore, keeping a favourite toy, bed, cushion or blanket with them is going to give them a sense of security, since they will be able to smell familiar odours.

If you are not going to take your pets with you personally, pet removers will come and do the job for you. Asking pet removers to come first thing in the morning to take your pets will give you the rest of the day to get your luggage sorted. Many pet removal services also offer other facilities such as veterinary or pet spa services. So whilst you are out there busting your back trying to shift all your boxes, you beloved pets could be getting a massage and a tick bath!

Don’t let pets ruin your removal day – do something about it!

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