So you’ve made the decision to hire an Islington removal company. For most, it is considered a very wise decision. They are able to take a lot of the stress out of the actual moving day, both physically and mentally, and allow you to focus on making sure everything that you want done gets completed on your first day in your new home, rather than being bogged down with heavy lifting all day. However, despite choosing to go with a removal company to help you with your home move, it is not the final decision you will have to make on the matter. Not all removal companies are the same, and picking the right removal company for you is even more important than the original choice to hire a removal service. Below are a few things you should look for when hiring someone to help with your Islington home move.

One thing that becomes apparent with the most basic of research is that Islington home removal companies will differ in price. As with all industries the prices can often reflect the service you are about to receive. In other words, an unbelievable offer that you stumble across may be incredibly cheap for a reason. Many people new to the removal business will look to gain business and rely on new customers being enticed by their cheap advertised rates. Whilst it may well be cheaper at face value, hiring a cheaper and potentially inexperienced could well have a detrimental effect on your moving day. This could be through simply taking longer than expected, but could also result in damage to your possessions that some of the more experienced local removal companies may not have caused.

Furthermore, some cheaper removal companies may not be all that they seem. Some that offer a cheap face value price will look to charge you for add-ons and other things that you may well have expected to be included in the initial cost (and is likely included in more up market options). This could be the use of extra removal men or an overtime charge if you run late, but could also be a route diversion if they charge on a per mile basis. This is something to look out for in the fine print of a contract, but is rarer in more established and experienced removal companies.

It is also important when looking for removal companies to check for the presence of an insurance policy. Home insurance can sometimes not cover your items if you are between homes, so an insurance policy from a removal company reduces the risk of you being financially impacted by any damages done to your possessions during the actual moving process. This is offered by many companies, but it is vital you check the contract you are offered for the presence and inclusivity of such a clause.

Many of the better removal companies will also look to try and offer a completely free face to face call out quote. This is not only a notification of a traditionally better service (coming out for free shows they will go out their way for customer satisfaction) it also means that they will better be able to judge the scale and potential difficulties surrounding your home move. Doing this allows you to judge the representative they also send out and get a personal feel with someone who will be managing and orchestrating your big day for you.

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