Moving home is a stressful part or life, I think we can all agree on that. There is a lot of hard work and heartache involved, especially if the move is long distance. Don’t worry though, because there are services that exist to make moves less complicated;

Removal Companies W2

Removal firms are companies that’ll show up with a van and a team of trained professionals who will help you pack your moving boxes, load them up and transport them to your new home. Some offer more personal services, like the disassembly and reassembly of flat pack furniture, but in a nutshell they exist to make the moving day more convenient. There’s two ways to go about hiring one of these firms; There’s a good old fashioned removal company, and a man with van service.

Both will offer similar services but there are subtle differences between the two. Removal companies are generally more expensive, but offer more staff and therefore a higher grade of efficiency, and a man with van company usually offers a less expensive and more personal approach, but with less staff to work with. Which one to go for depends on your budget.

Self Storage Companies

Self storage on the other hand is a service that’s not essential for a stress free move, but will come in useful in many moving situations. It’s basically rented storage space of a variety of sizes – from lockers to garages, some offer units even bigger than that.

Why would they come in useful on a move? Well, if you need to make multiple trips and you don’t fancy keeping the excess in a friends house, you can instead hire a self storage unit for added convenience. They’re safe, secure and are run by professionals, so you shouldn’t fret about leaving your things there.

How to find the one for you

Both removal and W2 self storage services have one thing in common; they’re both built to make your life and your removal W2 more convenient and less cluttered. But with so many companies offering both of these services, how can you possibly choose? Well, there’s a few simple ways;

1. Find the ones that are local

Hiring local companies just makes sense. By doing this, you ensure that there’s less distance you need to travel to get to your storage unit, and there’s less reason for your removal company to charge extra when it comes to travelling distance.

Make a short list of companies that are based within a realistic travelling distance of your home, or the place you’re moving to, then move on to step two.

2. Do research

Now that you’ve made a short list, it’s time to do some research. Start with your friends and relatives – have they moved home in the recent past and / or have they used self storage recently? And if so, ask if they’ve had a good consumer experience. If the answer to both is yes, then you can put the companies they’ve used on the ‘serious consideration’ list.

If no one you know can offer advice, there’s always the Internet. There are web sites that exist purely so customers can offer their feedback about companies they’ve used. Use these as a guide to which firms are actually worth your time.

3. Hire the ones that balance good service and affordability

And finally, once you’ve made a list of the reputable and trustworthy self storage and removal firms, you can start doing price and service comparisons. Don’t favour one over the other – even if you’re on a budget you’ll want at least decent customer service.

Only once you’ve found the right balance should you hire them, and once you have you can enjoy the convenience that a good W2 removals and self storage company can offer, and you can get on with your move in a less stressful manner.

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