The NW2 postcode of London is home to one of the finest parks in the country – Gladstone Park. More specifically, it’s located in the Dollis Hill area and is around eighty six acres big – home to some of the most staggering views in the capital. So, if you fancy yourself a creative type, it’ll be happy to inspire you. There’s no shortage of space in Gladstone Park, but there may be in your NW2 household. To keep your home from becoming too cluttered, you might want to consider self storage. These storage spaces for hire will help keep your house looking as fresh as the woodland that surround your neighbourhoods

There’s plenty of sizes and shapes of self storage, each with their own uses and price ranges. There’s the locker sized, for keeping hold of trinkets, documents, stationary and other small items in a secure manner. There are room sized units, which you can use for delicate furniture and other items that you don’t want to keep in an outside unit, and garage sized ones. Which, rather predictably are for items you’d normally keep in your own garage – vehicles, gardening equipment and so on. It’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll find a storage type that suits your needs.

So, why would you need a self storage unit? Well, here are a few scenarios;

- If you’re moving, and you can’t transport everything at once you can store your excesses in a room sized storage unit.

- To store seasonal items, like Christmas decorations, so they don’t take up space in storage or get damaged in the storage shuffle.

- You could free up a spare room for a relative that staying over, or if you’re renting the room out for a little extra cash.

- If you’ve upgraded in car size, and your garage is no longer big enough for all of your gardening tools. You could store them in self storage until you need them.

And so on. If your home is lacking in room in any area, there’s a reason for you to consider renting out some storage space. When looking for one, be sure to get one that’s based close to where you live, and for added convenience, get one that offers a delivery and pick up service. So if you don’t feel like rushing down to your NW2 storage room to store or retrieve something, you can have a member of staff do the leg work for you. Be careful though, depending on the company you hire you might have to give a few days notice before you can get your items out. These are things to inquire about before you do any hiring.

Now that you’ve got your hands on a self storage unit, you’ll have to figure out what you’re putting in. Even if you’re using a pick up service everything will have to be packed away properly. Small items should be put in proper boxes and wrapped in bubble wrap to keep them in one piece. Items with breakables in should be marked as fragile, so the self storage staff know to take extra care of them. Furniture, blankets and other items made of easily marked material should be properly wrapped in plastic – just to be sure they stay in the same condition you sent them off in. In other words, you should treat it like a move, even if your stuff is only staying in storage for the short term.

Now that your things are in the capable hands of the storage firm’s staff, you can relax in the knowledge that your things are being kept in highest security. You can sit back and figure out how to utilise this extra space. If you’re having trouble deciding, you could always take a walk around Gladstone Park to clear your head …

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