Prepare Your Moving Checklist

Prepare Your Moving Checklist

30Jan 2015

When it comes to moving house, it is important to be organised and get everything prepared in advance. However, because this can be a very stressful time, it can be difficult to keep on top of all the tasks at hand. Preparing a moving checklist as soon as you know you are moving house is the best way to keep yourself on track during this time. A moving checklist will help you stick to a well-planned time schedule. When planning your checklist, take the following into consideration: Two months before your move-    This is the ideal time to sort through all your belongings and have a serious de-cluttering session. Make strict decisions about what items you are going to keep and take with you, and what you are going to throw out. Keep in mind you can also donate unwanted clothes, toys, sports equipment and some furniture to charity stores. -    Start looking into different moving companies and get an idea of what services are around you. There are many removals and man with a van services so now is an ideal time to start checking out some websites.Six weeks before your move-    Start getting your moving supplies in order at this point. To save on money, you can go to local supermarkets, liquor stores and bakeries and ask if they have any boxes. Otherwise, you can order boxes from moving companies. Also make sure you have plenty of tape and packing paper for the boxes. -    Measure your furniture items and write these down. Have the list handy on your moving day so you can make decisions about what furniture needs to go in what room. This will give you a better idea of the space you have available at the new house. This is also worth keeping in mind for fitting furniture through the door. Having measurements will allow you to warn the movers in advance about awkward furniture pieces.One month before your move-    After researching moving companies, now is the time to book and confirm all your arrangements such as the time and date of your move. -    Get the packing process started by packing away items that you don’t use as much. Label all the boxes as you go and keep them stored in the corner so they don’t obstruct the rest of your packing.-    Sort out your change of address and make sure all your medical documents are in order. If you have kids who are changing schools, also make sure their documents and enrolment forms are sorted at this point. Two weeks before your move-    Reconfirm all the details with your moving company just to make sure you are all on the same page. -    Arrange to have a day off work if needed.-    Go through the moving day plan with your family.One week before your move-    Pack a suitcase with items you think you will need on the first days at the new home. Keep this open until your moving day in case you want to add anything to it.A few days before your move-    Time to defrost the freezer, leaving the door slightly ajar so it doesn’t get a mould build up and start to smell really bad.-    Double-check the details of your moving day plan with your family and the moving company. -    Make sure you are ready for the payment to the company, either by having cash or a cheque book handy.

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