Here are eight easy steps to follow to make sure that your Bayswater house move is as pleasant and stress free as possible!

1. Plan ahead
Moving home is always bigger and more time consuming than you expect it to be. By planning ahead you are able to deal with any problems that arise before the all-important moving day. This means you are able to get a clearer idea of how large a task it is you are undertaking and will mean you can prepare yourself well in advance for moving day.

2. Get more than one quote
Moving home is expensive so it is good to get quotes from more than one Bayswater Removal company to make sure that you get the best price for your removal. You should invite the Bayswater Removals to send a surveyor to visit your property so that they can get a better understanding of what it is you need moving. This way they will be able to give you a tailor made quote so that you know exactly how much your move will cost. By getting more than one quote you can weigh up your options and make sure that you don’t pay too much for your move. This is also a good way to get a better idea of the different services offered by Bayswater home movers.

3. Over prepare
No one has ever said that they were too prepared for their move, especially when it comes to packing supplies. It is always best to over-prepare so that you don’t run out of boxes or tape on the night before your move. You can collect boxes from local supermarkets or buy them in bulk online ir from your removal company. If you choose the latter your removal company will often offer to buy back any unused boxes. This is beneficial for most as it means you can over buy and be safe in the knowledge that any you don’t need won’t be wasted funds, especially if you are on a tight budget.

4. Don’t over fill boxes
No one wants to start their new life in their new home in pain and nursing a sore back. To avoid this and have a pleasant house move you should make sure that you don’t over fill your boxes. If you make your boxes too heavy you run the risk of causing yourself and injury as well as the box giving way mid lift! Make sure that any spare space in your boxes is packed with lightweight bulky items or bubble wrap so that you aren’t tempted to pack it too full. If you are worried about lifting boxes of heavy books it is advised to bundle them in small amounts using string. This way you can make the bundles light enough to carry and you minimise the amount of boxes used.

5. List and Label
Making a list of what is in every box is just as important as labelling all boxes with its contents. This makes it easier for you to locate your items when you need them as well as making it easy to check that everything is boxed and loaded.

6. Insurance
It is important to make sure that your items are covered by insurance during your move. This will mean that is anything is damaged, lost or broken you can claim on the insurance for the cost of the repairs or replacement. Most household contents insurance does not cover the items as they are being moved so make sure that your removal company has insurance.

7. Essentials box
Pack and essentials box with all the things you will need in the 24 hours covering your move. This will mean that you don’t have to keep opening and re-taping boxes when you realise you have packed something you need. It should include things like important documents, toilet roll and snacks to have during your moving day.

8. Don’t Panic
Relax. Nothing gets done if you panic. If you’ve prepared in advance and hired a good removal company W2 you should be on track for a smooth and stress free move.

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